Misty Mornings At Nandi Hills, Bangalore
  • What – Need no introduction – For who are completely new to Bangalore, it is nearest famous drivable Hill Top. One can as well walk to Nandi Hills from village name “Sultan Peth” there is stone laid route till top, used by Tipu Sultan when he used to visit Nandi Hills.
  • When – Multiple times – At least one trip during a year.
  • Travel
    • 70 Km from Bangalore
    • Walking, Cycling, Biking, Car Ride till top – All feasible modes
  • Highlights
    • Perhaps at least once /most visited by Bangaloreans as one can drive till top and provides excellent views during monsoon from the top
    • Place is also famous for Sun-rise, but lately the visiting hour restrictions make it very tough to be there before sun-rise.
    • Great place to visit round the year if you are morning person. Monsoon morning on hill top are extra ordinary, usually you would be on top of cloud cover.
    • There are options to stay on the top. Night experience to stay on top when there is lot of wind is really unique and memorable one. Will give you “Ramsay movie” ghostly feeling easily. However there are limited accommodation options so typically needs advance booking. Private accommodation is Available on all travel portals, but very basic stay. Never tried to book government facility.
    • If you like to walk (Most recommended), Nandi Hills has very nicely laid old stone path going all the way up. There is ample parking available too. Start before 730 AM any day of the year and you wont regret the pleasant walk. Take 45min non-stop, max 2 hours if you take lot of breaks.
    • Nandi hills has descent food stalls on the top – Recommended to go for South indian dishes and coconut water, rest all may/may not be that good.
  • Lowlights
    • I have heard comments like – “Whats there ?? only monkey menace and rocks”. Many visit Nandi hill once, and then never again due to untimely first visit. Like any other hill spots nearer city, here too one need to perfect the visit timing considering weather conditions. If you are going in middle of afternoon in summer then you will be guaranteed to get bad experience. Visit any day early morning, you will have pleasant experience.
    • Nowadays Nandi Hills has become extremely crowded on weekends. I would recommend to hike the Nandi hill than drive, it would be more peaceful and you would be with nature than with smoke of bikers.
    • If you are driving, be cautious about rash driving of bikers and some of the car owners too. People forget road is two way when driving down hill.
  • General Location hints
  • Suitable Time Period
    • Any day morning try to reach before 8 AM. If you are walking try to reach starting point before 730 AM
    • Monsoons are best, if its cloudy day, any time is good time.
  • Arrangements – Self.
  • STAR Rating – 3.5/5 – Nandi hill hike is most recommended, doable by everyone. Rating reduced only due to overcrowding.
  • Resort Link KSTDC Mayura

Below photos are taken from different trips to the place from 2005 to now !!

Glimpse of recent hike to Nandi Hills – Sept’2022

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