Dreamroutes is a set of travelogue from different parts of India primarily covering Karnataka, Gujrat, Sikkim and parts of Himalayas.

The re-introduction of this personal website is giving me immense pleasure as I went through thousands of images I clicked over the years, and also enjoyed collecting the information of the places I visited all over again.

The website originally started in 2007 with trek blogs, was widely referred for some of the trek routes like Skandagiri (Kalvarabetta), Makali Durg etc. However I never kept up with the writing and over the years so much information is available through multiple personal and professional websites and blogs that I started thinking what is the point of having another one with more or less repeat information. Instead, I decided to use this website only for personal reference, Just to list different destination I have been to over the years, very short description of highs/lows and some of the best pics I took at each of the destination. This way site has become my personal travel diary, keeping it public only for giving quick references to who ever reaches to this website.

For reader of the website, highlights and lowlights of every place would be the biggest take-away for them. The website is no more intended to act as a single source of information, that one can obtained from numerous, sometimes too much (:)) information available on web.

Regarding picture shown on this site, each one of it has come from my camera. If you have reached to this page, do see around and let me know if like any pics on the website. All pictures on this website can be reused freely provided due credits are given. I can as well share the high resolution picture if required, please do write a message and I will send it across.

Finally do leave your comment about the website, what you like and what not etc. If there is any errata I am happy to correct.