Stiff Steps Towards the End
  • What – One day Trip/Hike from Bangalore, India
  • When – Visited in Nov’2022.
  • Travel
    • 70 Km car ride from Bangalore.
  • Highlights
    • Visit the area where famous Bollywood 70’s movie “Sholey” was picturized.
    • Very light hike of 30-45 min (300 steps, one still hike on stone and you are there)
    • Perfect spot to spend time with family/friends outing and be with the nature
  • Lowlights
    • Although hike is not much, last portion is very stiff. The support railings makes it very safe however avoid if one has fear of height, this can be a problem while descending (Check above picture)
  • Suitable Time Period
    • Any time is good time, as applicable to any hike in Bangalore dont go if its hot sunny day. Morning any day would work.
  • Arrangements – Self – Follow Google map, last couple of km is village road
  • STAR Rating – 3/5 , Perfect for family outings without much of exertion.

Caution – There is similar name betta (Hill) on Tumkur Road as well, This one is in Ramanagara on Mysore road – Correct Map link Here

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