• What – Day outing from Bangalore
  • When – Have made multiple visits with friends
  • Travel
    • 110Km car ride from Bangalore. After Kanakpura, Google map will guide you well
  • Highlights
    • Wonderful place to visit during Monsoon. Rafting can be done during monsoon. Winters are good for camping etc.
    • Very Green, Good roads along Kaveri river. Place is know for fishing camps.
    • One can travel for a day, enjoy river rafting and come back same day. Jungle lodge, private camps etc are available for overnight stay.
  • Lowlights
    • Dont think of stopping randomly and getting into river due to crocodiles.
  • Suitable Time Period
    • Avoid Summers, any pleasant day otherwise is good to visit.
  • Arrangements – Self.
  • STAR Rating – 4/5 – Must visit for good drive and greenery

Trees making futile attempt to stop Kaveri water !!!!

I wonder how many of us knew swimming, but everybody tested the life jacket in 20 ft deep water !!!

Joy of achievement !!! Worriers sail through 8 Km patch in just 30 min !!!

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